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Getting Started Developing an HIV/AIDS Ministry in your Church:

Samaritan Ministries provides what is called The Samaritan Model for reaching out to people with HIV/AIDS in our community.  Many of their points indicated here can be useful to our churches.  The first step in changing the relationship between the HIV/AIDS community and the church is to provide opportunities for church members to learn about HIV/AIDS.  The can be done through educational programs that should include the following:

  • A message of compassion from the pulpit

  • HIV lessons directed at every age level

  • Special programs targeting the youth

  • Development of a church policy or statement concerning HIV/AIDS

  • Use the words "We  need to talk about sex if we are going to talk about HIV"


A Christian Response to AIDS is a great brochure that can be used for discussion in your church.  This brochure discusses scripture and the need for service and compassion to those dealing with HIV/AIDS.

This brochure is published by Channing Bete which has a number of educational brochures regarding HIV/AIDS.

It is vital that the position of the church be one that provides a non-judgemental and compassionate approach to serving the needs of those suffering with HIV/AIDS without questions the guilt or innocence of the person.  We don’t need to know ‘how they got it.’

AIDS - Finding Hope and Compassion – this brochure by Bill Crowder, seeks to open our hearts and minds to the history of crisis, the human toll it is exacting, and Christian response that mirrors the spirit of Christ.  You can obtain this brochure through the Discovery Series or review the contents in the attached AIDS - Finding Hope and Compassion PDF file

TEN offers a resource kit that we have put together to help you prepare your church, ministry, and website for HIV/AIDS Awareness Sunday.

People Living with HIV/AIDS - PLWHA Conference Scholarships are offered for those living with HIV/AIDS and that meet qualifications.  For more information contact fsampley@ten.lgbt.

Other websites to review:

Center for Disease Control (CDC)  www.cdc.gov/nineandahalfminutes/index.html

CDC HIV/AIDS Resource – www.cdc.gov/hiv

Complete HIV/AIDS Resource www.TheBody.com

Rick and Kay Warren’s HIV/AIDS Newsletter www.hivandthechurch.com

Comprehensive Resource for HIV Information – www.stophiv.org

He Intends Victory - http://heintendsvictory.org/

Act Against AIDS - http://www.actagainstaids.org/