Meet our ACF Affiliates:
Churches, Ministries, and Christian Workers


Church Affiliates - Established Congregations

Abundant Grace Church, Hickory, NC

Casa de Cristo Church and Apostolic Center, Phoenix, AZ

Church of the Holy SpiritSong-NJ, Brick, NJ

Cornerstone Fellowship, Tucson, AZ

Jesus People Church
 of Asheville, NC

Open Door Community Fellowship, Louisville, KY

Renaissance Christian Church, Vancouver, BC Canada

St. Jude Community Church, Winston-Salem, NC

Ministry Affiliates - Organizations other than churches

BALM Ministries, Brentwood, TN

The Abbey Church Ministries, Norman, OK

Communidad Servidores de Dios LGBT (Community of LGBTQ Servants of God, Dominican Republic

Aaron's Revival Project, (Shawn Thomas Online)
West Palm Beach, FL

Sam Sampson Music Ministries, Nashville, TN

Family Gatherings, West Chester, PA

Christian Workers - Individuals

Sharon Busch, Bremerton, WA

Maria Caruana, San Francisco, CA

Earl Curtis, Chippewa Falls, WI

Kevin Daugherty, Elizabeth, PA

David Ferrell, Pacifica, CA

Todd Ferrell, Pacifica, CA

Filomeno Fiel, Indianapolis, IN

John Grinstead, Savannah, GA

Randy Houston, Cleveland, TN

Deanna Jaworski, Brick, NJ

John Korbelik, Phoenix, AZ

Barb Molitoris, Tucson, AZ

Ed Ness, Oakland, CA

Franklin Sampley, Indianapolis, IN

If you would like more information about how to become a part of ACF as an affiliate, visit our "Application" page.

TEN, PO Box 87761, Tucson, AZ 85754 - Phone: 520-277-7161 -